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Co-Founder Jean Tan

Jean had been getting lashes for years and had grown fascinated with the art of the application. Through her work in Medical Science, she gained a vast amount of experience in health and safety while learning extreme precision and patience. Deciding to make a career change to pursue her passion, she decided to partner up with Ben to begin her lash business (First On Spencer Lashes). She loved the joy lashes provided and knew that with her attention to detail and passion for beauty, this would be something she could not only excel at, but enjoy at the same time.

Co-Founder Benjamin Lee

Clueless about Eyelash Extensions and the beauty industry before meeting Jean 5 years ago, Bens knowledge and interest in the industry has continued to grow each day. Having managed a local Ice-Cream business for over 10 years and explored the world of e-commerce, he hopes to bring his business experience and passion for entrepreneurship to Spencer Artistry. 

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Our Story

First On Spencer Lashes was founded in 2017 and has gone from strength to strength over the years due to an incredible amount of support from the local community and a loyal customer base. With a desire to continue to grow and expand professionally, Jean has ventured into the world of Education, hoping to share her experience and knowledge with others wishing to join the industry. 

During their years of running First On Spencer Lashes, Jean & Ben found themselves loving a number of international lash brands but due to shipping costs, shipping time and currency conversions, these brands were difficult to source. With a dream to bring a variety of top and emerging global lash brands for the Aussie lash community, Spencer Artistry was formed.