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What Are Micro Grip Tweezers?

If you're a Lash Artist, you know there's a vast array of different tweezers available to you with every brand having their own options. They come in many different shapes, sizes, tensions, material and often, quality. Choosing the right options for you can be very difficult and often, it comes down to trial an error. 

We don't believe there is one tweezer that is the right option for all lash artists and techniques. What we personally love, could be hated by another artist which is why testing the variety is so important. To help you decide what is best for you, this blog will hopefully help with one particular topic when it comes to tweezers.

What are Micro Grip tweezers and are they the right option for you?

Fun fact, we actually came up with the name Micro Grip! A few years ago, we were on the hunt for a great range of tweezers and were testing many different manufacturers. One of them sent us these tweezers that had this unique grip that we had never seen before. We had seen something similar called Diamond Grip but these were very different to that and through our research, we couldn't find anyone that was selling them.

They were the best tweezers we had used so with our manufacturer found and some tweaking done to the tweezers, we next had to give it a name. Jean works in a Microbiology Laboratory and the term Micro is used in the laboratory a lot. After running through idea after idea, Ben came up with Micro Grip and that was that! Now brands world wide use the naming convention but it has also been given different names such as Fibre Tip. 

Micro Grip Tweezers

So Micro Grip is a recent technology that adds a ridged surface to the inner area of the tweezers foot. This extra surface provides additional 'Grip' or 'friction' and should remove the concern about a 'sweet spot'. They provide the ultimate grip and allow you to pick up the thinnest of lashes. 

So are they the better or right choice?

Usually, we would say yes, but there are certain situations where it would not be the right choice. The main issue that we have experienced revolves around specific fanning techniques. 

Let's delve into the intriguing world of tweezer techniques. Ever heard of the flower bouquet or the pinching method? This technique generally requires a specific alignment and smooth surface area between the tips to glide along the foot of the tweezers. Due to the tiny ridged surface in the Micro Grip tweezers, we found that the fine hairs can sometimes get caught rather than glide.

This is where we had to come up with a better solution. Through rigorous experimentation with various styles of Micro Grip tweezers, we worked out that the J foot solves this problem. The J foot tweezer, boasting a thinner and smaller foot. This design tweak proved to be a game-changer for techniques like the flower bouquet and pinching method. The reduced size and smoother surface resolved the snagging issue, allowing for seamless precision work.

J Foot Micro Grip

Conversely, the larger micro grip foot tweezers excel in other techniques, like fanning on the strip. The design and surface area of these tweezers seem well-suited for this particular method, providing excellent grip and control.

It's fascinating how the subtle variations in tweezer design can significantly impact their effectiveness in different techniques.

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