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Deaf & HOH Lash Industry Touch Program



86% of lash artists within the lash industry have never serviced a deaf or hard of hearing client. The deaf and hard of hearing communities are struggling to come find lash artists to service them for many beauty treatments, due to the loss of sight, as well as hearing.

The amazing Alyssa from FBA Lash Academy has created a world first for our industry and something I believe all lash artists should be a part of. To find out more, please head to

Be apart of one of the biggest changes in the lash industry to date and learn how to safely service deaf and hard of hearing clients. Become a FBALA HoH graduate and market yourself as HoH friendly.

This FREE program was created for lash techs world wide.

"The importance of the proper communication between the tech and the client doesn't just come down to safety, while yes, this is our most important reason, but it also comes down to being human. Having the freedom to feel safe, having the freedom to communicate properly without having to play a game of charades. Your lash appointment is a simple, yet a delicate service everybody should be able to experience, being deaf or hard of hearing does not mean you don't look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself any differently than anybody else."