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Supreme Adhesive


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LashBase Supreme Eyelash Extension Glue: Professional-Grade Adhesive for Qualified Lash Artists in Australia   Elevate Your Lash Game with LashBase Supreme Eyelash Extension Glue LashBase...



LashBase Supreme Eyelash Extension Glue: Professional-Grade Adhesive for Qualified Lash Artists in Australia


Elevate Your Lash Game with LashBase Supreme Eyelash Extension Glue

LashBase Supreme Eyelash Extension Glue is specifically formulated for highly experienced lash artists who demand the best. This fast-drying, adhesive is perfect for creating stunning classic, hybrid, and Russian volume lash extensions. Designed for professionals, it ensures quick application and long-lasting results.


Key Features

- Professional-Grade Adhesive: Suitable exclusively for qualified lash artists.
- Versatile Application:Ideal for classic, hybrid, and Russian volume lash extensions.
-Fast-Drying Time: Cures in just 0.5 to 1 second, making it unsuitable for beginners or intermediate artists still perfecting their speed and technique.
- Thin Viscosity:Ensures smooth and precise application.
- Ideal Humidity Range: Works best in 55-70% humidity (Amazing for high humidity)
- Optimal Temperature: Performs well at 18-24 degrees Celsius.


Humidity and Cure Time
- 20-30% Humidity:2-3 seconds drying time.
- 45-60% Humidity:1 second drying time.
- 60-70% Humidity:0.5 second drying time.


Triple Purified for Superior Quality

- Triple Purified:This process extends the adhesive’s life and reduces impurities, ensuring a high-quality product.
- Long Shelf Life:Unopened, it lasts for 9 months if stored correctly. Once opened, it has a 6-week shelf life.


Safety and Durability

- Latex-Free, Formaldehyde-Free, Paraben-Free: Safe for clients with sensitive skin.
- Oil and Water Resistant:Maintains bond strength in various conditions.
- Heat Resistant: Ensures durability even in hot environments.
- Cruelty-Free:Not tested on animals.


Usage and Storage Tips

- Proper Storage: Store upright in an airtight container at room temperature to maintain longevity.
- Mark the Date: Label the bottle with the opening date to track its shelf life.
- Shake Well:Shake the adhesive thoroughly before each use to ensure proper ingredient mixing, either by hand or using an adhesive shaker.


Perfect for Australian Lash Artists

LashBase Supreme Eyelash Extension Glue is the go-to choice for professional lash artists in Australia who seek reliability, speed, and top-quality performance. Elevate your lash artistry with our supreme adhesive and deliver flawless, long-lasting results every time.


Order LashBase Supreme Eyelash Extension Glue today and experience the professional difference!



More Info

Having some problems with lash extension retention? Go through our troubleshooting process below:

  • Adjust the level of humidity and/or temperature in the room to the recommended levels.

  • Ensure you are working with an adhesive that suits your speed and technique.

  • Check your adhesive bottle is still in date.

  • Ensure you have shaken your adhesive for the recommended time, and the ingredients are mixed correctly.

  • Provide your clients with an Aftercare Pack to ensure they are aware of the correct aftercare instructions.

  • Make sure you are working on clean lashes. Remove any makeup, oils, or residue and thoroughly cleanse the lashes using the Purified Sensitive Cleanser. You could also try using LashNeutral to neutralise the pH surface levels.

  • Check the client consultation form, for changes in medication or possible pregnancy.

  • Check the lash extension is properly adhered at the base, hold the lash in place and allow for curing time.

  • Apply the correct length of extension. You can add an extension that is shorter than the natural lash or up to 3mm longer.

  • Look at the position of your light. Lash lights let out heat so if they are positioned too close to the adhesive source, this can have an effect too.

You can read more about retention troubleshooting here.

Where can I buy eyelash extension glue? At LashBase we have over 12 years of experience, knowledge, and resources, which we put into upgrading every aspect of our world-leading adhesives. We never compromise on quality and continue to be industry advocates of meeting regulatory demands. Choosing to use any of our adhesive range shows that you care about quality, that you care about client safety, and it shows that you are a true professional of your craft.


Supreme Lash Adhesive SDS