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The Original Spencer No.2 Micro Grip Pro-Volume Tweezers.


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✓Better tension so it doesn't hurt the hand ✓Better Micro grip on the foot of the tweezers ✓Sharper tip   Are you on a hunt...

Color: Silver

  • Black
  • White
  • Silver


✓Better tension so it doesn't hurt the hand

✓Better Micro grip on the foot of the tweezers

✓Sharper tip


Are you on a hunt for a pair of tweezers where you can grab lashes from anywhere on the foot? Do you find it difficult that the tweezers you have can only pick up a particular area on the foot?

Our new and improved Spencer's Nº2' s Micro grip volume tweezers are hand-made with embedded micro grip technology that allows lash artists to pick up lashes from anywhere on the foot of the tweezer. Containing an equal amount of Micro grip fine steel on the foot of the tweezer, you would not experience slipping of lashes when fanning. 

Each full closure tweezer goes through hours of meticulous hand testing with 0.07, 0.05 and 0.03 lashes. 

1. Eragonomic Excellence: One of the standout features is the ergonomic design. During long lash sessions, comfort is key, and these Micro grip tweezers deliver. The thoughtful design ensures a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue and allowing for a smoother application process.

2. Efficient and Reliable: These microgrip tweezers have become an indispensable tool for many lash artist. They not only streamline the lash application process but also provide consistent and reliable performance. As a lash artist, having tools I can depend on is crucial, and these tweezers have exceeded my expectations.

3. Durable and Long-Lasting:The quality of the material used in these micro grip weezers is impressive. They are not only effective but also durable, ensuring longevity even with daily use. It's a relief to find a product that can withstand the demands of a busy salon.

4. Lightweight for Productivity:The lightweight nature of these tweezers is a game-changer. It adds to the overall efficiency, allowing to move seamlessly from one lash to another. The reduced weight contributes to a more enjoyable and productive experience.

5. Control at Your Fingertips:Achieving the desired look requires control, and tthese Micro grip tweezers provide just that. The excellent control they offer ensures accuracy in lash placement, resulting in a clean and professional finish. It's a level of control every lash artist can appreciate.

6. Non-Slip Grip: The nnon-slip micro grip is a thoughtful addition. It enhances the overall handling of the tweezers, making it easier to work with even the tiniest lashes. This feature adds an extra layer of confidence in my work.

7. Craftsmanship Exemplified: The craftsmanship of these micro grip tweezers is outstanding. They are not only a functional tool but also a stylish addition to any lash artist toolkit. The attention to detail in both design and performance showcases a commitment to quality.



    • For Classic and Volume application
    • Plasma tweezers
    • 45º degree foot angle 
    • 11cm in length
    • Black tweezers are hard tension (Perfect for heavy handed)
    • White tweezers are light tension 


  • Avoid filing tweezers as this will cause damage to them. No filing is needed. 
  • To remove glue residue from the tweezers, soak the tweezers in IMAGIC or Lash Makers tweezer bath for 5 mins. Wash with antibacterial solution and rinse with warm water and wipe down with 75% alcohol. Repeat if necessary to remove stubborn glue residue. 
  • Ensure there is no water residual on the microgrip as the water can become trapped and rusting can occur. Use a Lint Free wipe to remove all residual of liquid before storing. 
  • Do not soak tweezers in solvent for more than 5 minutes.  


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kayla Sam
My go to

These microgrip tweezers are a game-changer for eyelash extensions! Precision at its finest, making application a breeze. Love the control and ease they provide

Patrica Neckmore
Hands down the best

I've tried numerous tweezers, and these are a cut above the rest. The durability is impressive – they've held up beautifully. The lightweight design is a game-changer, making my lash routine enjoyable.

Shona Macey
Best tweezers ever!

So glad I found these tweezers! The precision is unmatched, and they've made applying my lash extensions a breeze. The ergonomic design is a lifesaver during longer sessions. Worth every penny!

All Time Favourite Tweezer

Absolutely game changer !
They have the perfect amount of tension and feel so easy to pick. This tweezer has such a great grip . Best product of its kinds so worth it .

Perfect volume tweezers!

Picks up any kind of volume with an ease, definitely one of my new favorite tweezers! Highly recommended.